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Negrone is produced exclusively on the terroir of the hamlet of Ova. It takes its name from the Marquesses Negrone, a line of Genovese patricians dating back to about 950 AD.

As early as Carolingian times, Ova was already known as an important staging point for the supply of grain.  


Its clay-rich soils, which extend for only a few square kilometers, stand out for their mineral content and exceptional fertility, which result from the coming together of three separate water tables in the directly underlying subsurface. 

The Tenuta Villa Ova


The Tenuta Villa Ova passed to the Negrone family in the 17th century as a dowry from the wedding of Anna Grimaldi and Antonio Negrone.


Originally used as a hunting reserve, the estate underwent several transformations over the centuries. The first grapevines were planted here in the late 18th century, but were intended solely for the family’s private consumption. 

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